Fraser Fir (Non Drop)

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Originating from the Appalachian Mountains Mountains of North America. This tree is easily identified by the silvery blue grey pine needle. It has a frosted look about its appearance. It retains moisture well, especially when sold as a smaller potted tree. It has a unique smell not as pungent as the conventional Norway spruce, but more than the nordmann. When the tree is kept moist the aroma is quite limited. Its winter silvery colour and even shape makes it a lovely non drop tree.


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The Fraser Fir is a natural pyramid shape making it a better fit in many living rooms, when often Nordmann trees are a little wide at the base. It also has a wonderful Christmas fragrance with slight citrus overtones. It form cones fairly early in its life cycle it may have a sprinkling. The foliage is a bluey green tinge and with excellent needle retention with slightly upturned branches it has a distinctly festive appearance. This is the most popular Christmas tree in the States originating not from Russia like the Nordmanniana but from the Appalachian or Smokey Mountains .


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